Satish Panchariya
Group Chairman

Mr. Satish Panchariya began his personal enterpreunarship career at the tender age of 17 in the textile industry by establishing the highly successful Alka Spinners Ltd in 1989 which subsequently in 1994 went on to be listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange as Alka Sales Ltd. In pursuit of diversification of his Business interests globally particularly in Investment Banking and Precious Metals, in 19 (year needed), he founded Vinayak Sahakari Bank in Ahmedabad. He has also gone on to become a Director in City Gold Group, Australia that has Gold mining investments exceeding $100 Million.

In addition to having passionate sensitivities towards corporate social responsibilities, Mr. Panchariya is a law abiding astute businessman who has a deep ongoing quest for updated regulatory compliance and reform laws related to Income, Excise, Customs Taxes, (SEBI), (BIFR) and Debt Recovery.

Mr. Panchariya is Group Chairman of KSS Limited which currently holds Premier Brands like K Sera Sera Digital Cinema, K Sera Sera Miniplex, Birla Gold & Precious Metals “CHERISHGOLD & CHERISHLIFESTYLES” & Birla Jewels “BJEWELZ”.

Nikita Rattanshi
Co-Founder Director

Born and brought up in Tanzania, Nikita moved to India in 2013 to take charge of the ‘Birla Capital & Financial Services’ which catered the Investment Banking and Merchant banking industries, as an Executive Director. The first born scion to a business family, her knack for ‘International Trade’ and a passion for contributing towards the development of the robust Indian economy inspired her to acquire a Masters in International Business.

Her key interests lie in running a huge business empire such as Birla. Ms. Nikita has excelled herself with merchant banking and investment banking and has an excellent practical knowledge about Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)’s rules and regulations.

Not only this, she has studied over FCCB Transactions, GDR Transactions, Initial Public Offerings, Foreign issues and many other equivalent topics. Because of her exorbitant skills, in the year 2014, she was able to achieve milestones for Birla Financial Distribution and gained a lot of retail experience and third party distribution.

She is a leader who has a vast experience in topics such as mass psychology, consumer behavior, retail markets, equities, and various others. She even has a good knowledge regarding Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I) and banking laws. Ms. Nikita’s intellect and will with a blend of trying and experimenting things, made Birla enter the jewellery market as Birla Gold & Precious Metal Ltd in the year 2014. The company has not only entered the E-Commerce industry but is even launching up its retail stores across the Indian subcontinent in 2015. Her successful E-Commerce startup and tremendous love for jewellery made her come up with Birla Jewels Ltd. also known as BJewelz, is the company’s upcoming retail store which is going to expand over all the cities of India. A tough business mind, her grid and determination, and a positive attitude have made Ms. Nikita Rattanshi one of the young iconic personalities of the 21st century.

Major General Surinder Singh Mamak (Retd)

Major General Surinder Singh Mamak (Retd) is a Very Senior Army Officer with over 37 years of diverse and dedicated experience in conceptualizing strategy, policy formation, human resource development, encompassing recruitment, training, retention and staff development. He was responsible for equipment management for crores of rupees and led operations and logistics management of sensitive sector . He has wide experience in dealing with the Polity and Civil Bureaucracy in various states of the country.

Qualifications Beside his Defence qualifications he is Masters in Defence Studies, Public Administration and Masters in Business Administration (Human Resources) .

With his qualifications and vast experience of Human Resources in the Army he has joined K Sera Sera Ltd as the Director, since last 18 months, and is fully involved in achieving the Vision of the Company i.e establishment of 9000 Dome Cinema in the country with an operational set up which is totally Self-Starter and has its own Proplusion.

Food & Hospitality Partner - Chhotu Maharaj Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Devendra B. Kotecha

More than 35 years of experience in the field of Catering & Decoration, he is one of the directors of Chhotu Maharaj Food & Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Because of his tremendous hard work and vast experience.

He is also appointed as: Joint Secretary- Bombay Caterers Association & Federation of All India Caterers.